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There are many reasons people find themselves in a situation where they need to find a new home for their dog. This is always a difficult decision, but we hope that having rescue as an option will help.

Katie McDonough, the president of the Cairn Rescue League, has been involved in rescue since August of 2000. We are contacted every day by people specifically wanting to adopt a cairn terrier or cairn mix. Once someone applies for a dog, we check three personal references, talk to their vetís office, and do a home safety inspection.

Once a dog is accepted into the Cairn Rescue League, it is placed in a foster home, where it is treated like a member of the family. We like to keep dogs in their foster home for at least 2-3 weeks, because we find it can take that long for them to get comfortable enough to show what theyíre really like.

However, we will keep your dog in its foster home for however long it takes to find the RIGHT home for it. The foster home is very involved in this process, since they will come to know your dog best. We ask our foster homes to review any applications for your dog, and once the home inspection has been completed, we put the foster home in touch with the applicant to see whether they think this is the right home for your dog.

Due to privacy concerns, it will not be possible for us to put you in touch with your dogís foster or adoptive homes, but if at any point you want to know how your dog is doing, you can contact Katie McDonough at cairnrescueleague@adelphia.net, and she will be more than happy to provide you with an update.

The information below will help us choose the foster and adoptive home that is the best match for your dog, so please try your best, but donít worry if you canít answer all of the questions. We do not want this form to stand in the way of helping your dog, and you will receive a follow-up phone call (usually within 24 hours), at which time, a representative of the Cairn Rescue League can discuss any missing information.

Thank you so much for considering rescue as an option for your dog.

Cairn Rescue League