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Happy Endings are what makes it all worthwhile. If you have adopted a dog from the Cairn Rescue League and would like to share your Happy Ending, please Click Here to eMail us your Happy Ending!

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Mindy's Big Day!

Yesterday was Mindy's big day-her birthday. Imagine how excited Margaret and Eddie were. Not only did we get a new dog, she was having a birthday! We made plans for it before we even picked her up! I made the dogs "birthday cakes" (really brown rice, hamburger, green beans,
and a little garlic powder cooled and shaped into little mounds). Margaret decorated the cakes with puppy biscuits. We celebrated after we had dinner. We sang "Happy Birthday" but didn't make party hats-not enough time.

After we picked up Margaret from school yesterday, we all headed over to our favorite pet store. Maggie practically dragged us inside. She has been going there since she was a pup. She headed right for the dog toy bins. Mindy jumped into the low basket (I am not kidding). Then, it was time to go to the treat aisle. They gorged themselves on all the dropped biscuits. Mindy splayed herself out flat and would not leave the aisle. I had to pick her up so we could cash out. Probably the most endearing moment for me was when Margaret pulled out her change purse to count out her money which she used to buy Mindy a birthday gift. When we got home, we let Mindy open the bag. She quickly grabbed the toy she had repeatedly gone for in the store. I think she was happy.

We are so happy with Mindy. Really, I don't think we could have asked for a better dog than her. She is perfect for our family. We are very grateful to have her with us. I think she is very happy here as well.

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